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Hey Everyone,

I went ahead and made you a Epic Soccer Training Workbook as a little unadvertised bonus. This will take you through all 4 Modules in step by step order so you can fast track your success. Hope you enjoy that. I’ll be working on a little cliff notes printable version of it soon this week as well but get a feel for that.

Also you’ll noticed some videos like the warm up videos, stretching, and juggling videos are the same in there so no need to watch those every time, but you’ll want to incorporate them into your warm ups. The Workbook is very explanatory so take some time going through that too.

Click the link below to see a .PDF of your Epic Soccer Training Workbook


Also, do me a favor and add your comments below and tell me exactly what you are hoping to achieve. What are you soccer goals? What specific skills are you looking to improve?

The comments section is brand new so let’s get it started!

I look forward to hearing your goals and how your skills are improving,

Matt Smith

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  1. Ricardo Izquierdo

    Hi Soccer Training coach. I’m a coach for a Select team that my son plays on. My primerly goal is to improve the speed of my son! He plays center mid because of his great control with the ball and vision but I will like for his speed to drastically improve. He is 15 years old 5’11 and He is an awesome person. I love him very much that I want him to be a better player so he won’t sit on the bench if he is speed is slower than one of his teammates. I want to be able to help him so with your training and my coaching can both help him. Thank you! And any suggestions that you might shoot my way I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Hey Ricardo,

      Have you gotten the speed training course yet? I really saw my skills go to the next level when I could outrun everybody by a long shot…then if you already have great skills on the ball you become a big threat. Speed really helps you improve. Hope that helps you out. You sound like a great support to your son which is awesome. My dad was the same way…keep it up!

  2. Kenneth L Headley

    I consider myself a developmental and training coach for competitive, high school and college players. I find the players who are close to playing at the next level and then help them get to there. Eventhough I have been doing this for over 20 years and left “drills” behind way back then, I’m always looking for an edge to give my players to help them reach their goals. I hope your claims are close to what you have stated. My players will easily get 300 to 500 touches a sessions and I can’t make the claims you have. Though I do have a number of players at the collegiate level. So with anticipation I’m digging in.

    • superch6

      Awesome Kenneth…Yeah you sound like you have great foundational skills and are a terrific coach if they are getting those types of touches on the ball. Definitely dig in and watch the classroom sessions where I break down specific things like supporting players. This is something most coaches fail to teach kids and it leaves another aspect of their game a bit short of the mark of being a great player. If you have any questions too just keep me posted…I’m here to help. Where do you coach at?

  3. Kenneth L Headley

    Matt, could not agree more on supporting players with positive feedback. At my age most players want to do good in front of me for encouraging feedback, so it is easier to provide. It is only when a player is underachieving that you pull to the side and have a one on one and give that hard talk to! I’m at Vestavia Soccer Club and Judson College in Alabama

  4. Chloe Rice

    Last season Chloe played her first year on a premiere team. She was so excited to compete at a higher level! But then the season become a psychological challenge leading to a slump in playing confidence. The coach played her in every position ( except goalie) throughout games- and team mates often chastized her for “being in the wrong place”. Players who “owned” a particular position were not receptive to her filling in… and the pressure of 13 and 14 year olf girls was a mean and stressful lesson. We are checking out this program for skills, confidence, and a to help Chloe reconnect with being a game changer… with confidence. Help.

    • superch6

      Great Question! Well I do remember my first transition from playing rec to playing in a premier league and it can be daunting for sure. She should really be working not only on getting her first touch down and making that excellent…but begin to teach her to take that first touch into open space so she has extra time.

      Also begin to teach her where the ball should be going…I always say play the way your facing so if you receive a ball with your back to goal look to drop it back to the sides to a player. This eliminates making mistakes b/c turning with the ball too much can run you right into the heart of the defense. These are things to work on when she has the ball but I really want her to focus on off the ball.

      I have a classroom sessions video where I talk about spacing and how most people “think” they’re open but they need to take the next steps to get 2-3 yards more open. This is something simple that makes it sooo much easier for players around and will help them trust her more b/c they see Chloe more open. It’s something simple but this can have a domino effect on her psyche. If players feel she’s more open and give her the ball and her first touch is better then she will be more confident to take riskier decisions on the field.

      So stick with it. It takes practice and consistency. Small sided games can really help her with spacing and getting open. Hope that helps!

  5. Michael W Retzer

    I would like to become a professional soccer player. I am 23 years old, am a Marine Corps veteran and looking to go to college soon and then onto the pros. I lost my love of the game when I waws a child, but picked it right back up and have been full throttle ever since. I am looking forward to training and playing soccer again.

    • superch6

      Awesome man! That was honestly right around the time my playing exploded…keep at it and keep your training consistent πŸ™‚

  6. Corrado Finocchiaro

    I just try the Warming Up & Streching, the buttons works, and I was able to see some exercises.
    Then I try The Epic Speed Training, but it takes me to Logon screen again and the program ask if I want to try or buy.
    Are these Epic Speed Epic Soccer part of the bonus or not.
    In case they are not, I do access the bonus that came with Epic Soccer Training ?
    Waiting for an answer.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Corrado…that’s a separate product that’s not part of the main course.

  7. justin m la torre

    Hi Im 29 years old and I played in college for 2 years out of High school but I wasnt able to finish school due to family problems. I always dreamt of finishing school and this summer when my business burned down I decided it was time. My fiance encouraged me to talk to the coach and see if he would consider giving me a tryout and he did! Now I have till the beginning of August to get really good. I have always kept playing as much as possible and I am in decent shape and working hard to get in peak shape. I hope your program will help me become superior with the ball at my feet and playing. I dont have a job right now so obviously the $77 for the program is a big investment for me but if it helps achieve my dream then it is worth it. Thanks….

    • Well definitely go through the course and put it into action. It sounds like you have great drive and determination which is the perfect quality if you want to get better at soccer. If there is any way I can help you get better let me know and I’ll be sure to answer any questions you might have.

      Keep up the great work!

  8. Neil humphries

    Hi , I coach u18’s at state league level. I hope your program can help devolve my players.

    • Absolutely buddy! That’s one of the prime ages for players to really be able to take their training to the next level…they just need the right training from the right coach, like yourself, who is always learning and wanting to get the best information out there. πŸ™‚

  9. Ronaldo Reyes

    Hi my name is Ronaldo ( no joke) im 13 years old. I dream of becoming a professional soccer player, I just started playing last year and my friends say I learn real fast that I have soccer in my blood. I gut cut from my middle school team though but I joined an academy after. The coach from the academy said he saw talent but said I needed work, it’s been 5 weeks and my coach said I have improved incredebly fast, and that was before I found this program. I am really excited for how much I will actually improve after this program.

    • Awesome Ronaldo! You can definitely do it and this program will give you all the tools you need to be successful…just stay focused and keep going through everything and you’ll see tremendous results! Proud of you buddy!

  10. victor avila

    i want to improve my sprint and i hope this work or else this will be a total waste

    • yeah definitely stick to the method and you’ll definitely see an improvement…but hey nothing is a waste…this program will put you in the best soccer shape of your life too…look at it that way…and keep me posted so I can give you any pointers that you may need Victor…i’m here to help see you successful!

  11. Matt Rostek

    Just got the program and looked at the videos but is there a schedule anywhere. How do i know what drills i do on what days and how many reps and sets i do?

    • Hey Matt,

      Currently making a schedule for you πŸ™‚

  12. Michael W Retzer

    Hey Matt, I was wondering if you will be doing any videos based solely around positions. I saw the offensive and defensive mindset videos, but I was hoping for a more broken down video such as midfielders and there roles and ways they support the team; defensive backs and when and how you should use attacking backs; and strikers/wingers, how they can help the midfield players help them and so on.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Hey Michael,

      Check out module 3 for those…I have broken up 3 videos into Classroom Sessions – The Offensive Mindset, Controlling the Midfield, and The Defensive Mindset which will definitely help break things down and explain the roles of players and runs they can be making to help support and attack. Great question and keep up the great work!

  13. Sharon Quarrington

    Hey Matt.

    I have a 12 year old girl who plays for an L4 team – they just moved up from L5 and if her team is top in their league next year will move up to L1.

    She tall (5.7) and strong but struggles with technique sometimes. She is a midfielder and some days has lots of stamina but now that they are playing better teams with faster forwards she is getting beaten sometimes.

    She tried out for district and was one of the last ones cut – so she is very close to becoming an elite player but it could go either way. What help can you give us?

    • That’s awesome that she is tall and strong already…it sounds like she needs a bit more consistency with her play which is what the program will give you. You can go out and mess around all day but that doesn’t mean you are going to get drastically better. You need a systematic approach to get there.

      She would definitely benefit from the speed training program that I have too. I went ahead and upgraded you to that program ok…so make sure she checks that out too πŸ™‚ Also if she’s already playing up levels that is great and she needs to really stay ahead of the curve…I began to do that and it made me think quicker, and anticipate rather than react to the speed of play. She’s got great ability from what it sounds like…just gotta stay focused and go through the training to get some great skills and lots of insights.


    Hi matt i had a question do u ever hold camps? If u do where are the generally held?

    • Not as of yet but maybe in the future I’ll bring some real soccer studs out and hold a camp for you guys!

  15. victor avila

    hey matt when are we getting a shedule for training

    • working on that literally as we speak! should be in the next day or two! πŸ™‚

  16. Michael W Retzer

    Hey Matt,
    will there be any positional drills/ videos that focus solely on that position? i.e. Playing pressure on defense or off of the attacker; Attacking midfielder drills; wingers/left & right midfield drills? Nobody anywhere on the internet focuses on positions. Thanks again.

    • Hey Michael, yes I’m going to be adding more positional play…I do have a classroom video on supporting…definitely watch that!

  17. dan mahoney

    My goal is to improve my speed and dribbling skill the ball with a combo of both. I want to look like lionel messi out on my high school soccer team. I play any attacking mid spot whether its outside or middle mid and sometimes forward. I am 17 going to be a senior and want to impress people so I can get a scholership to play college. Im a pretty decent player already, I start on my team and I get a good amount of assists and some goals but I want to get better. I would love to have your help and suggestions on what videos I show watch the most or have my eye on the most and just to help me. I will also message you on facebook because thats where we have been communicating lately. keep in touch with me please and help me get even better.

  18. Keaonna Wood

    My goals are to learn how to play soccer at to learn how manuver the ball.

  19. Hind Hamid

    hi my name is omar hamid i am 15 years old i am very good at soccer i consistently make it to the regional pool for odp however one thing that limits me to going further like national pool is that coaches say i am to small how do you think i can improve this. I am currently 5 3

    • Well mastering skill is one but I was always the fastest kid on the field so as you go through the course and get better maybe check out the Epic Speed Training course and incorporate that into your game too because size doesn’t matter in soccer but speed can.

  20. victor avila

    When do you think the shedule is arriving and when you get the shedule can you commented

    • It’s up on the home page of the members area as of yesterday πŸ™‚

  21. Bennett Antes

    Hi I play for a premier academy level soccer team in california. I play starting center back and I am usually captain. I am very happy with how I have been playing but the one thing that I think that if improved would feel so much better is my speed. Sometimes when I play up with older boys I am just as strong and i play well it’s just sometimes in the game where maybe one time the forward beats in a sprint and that is what gets me angry. My technical skills are very good and I have been complemented many times. I still continue to practice my skills basically everyday for at least an hour. Are there any drills to help explosiveness and any type of dribbling/skills drills to keep on practicing. Thank you!

    • Yeah I have a whole speed training course that is geared toward getting you much faster. It’s on the sidebar called Epic Speed Training. That sounds exactly like what you’re looking for.

  22. James Weber

    Taking over coaching my daughter’s U10 rec team. Looking to build their fundamental skills and intellectual understanding of the game, and for solid structure in creating their practice sessions, with an eye toward giving them applicable skills for competition. Some of these kids are entering Academy and others are likely to stay rec players; I am not a soccer player by training so I want to ensure that they are getting the right direction and not a ‘dad coach’ perspective. They are a good collection of athletes who have not been sufficiently schooled in some of the fundamentals or in the intuitive understanding of the game.

    Also looking to personally coach my daughter 1-1 with the principles you have laid out.

    • Awesome James, this course will definitely allow you to maximize the time you have with your daughter’s team and really help them to fine-tune and master the simple things so that they can move onto doing more difficult drills and techniques quickly.

  23. James Weber

    Matt, do you cover any drills focusing specifically on defensive technique?

    • Hey James, going to be adding some more videos on defense and mids here real soon!

  24. John devlin

    Hi I’m 13 and my dream has always been to play professional soccer so I hope this helps!

    • Awesome John! Let’s make it happen!

  25. Tejpal Lathher

    Hey i just bought your program and i was wondering how to download videos on my phone/ipod. I don’t get how i would be using these videos while i am on the field. I don’t think i can memorize all the drills πŸ˜›

    • Hey Tejpal, I’m going to be making a printable sheet for you guys to take to the fields. Also check the homepage because I made a workbook for you guys too that you can go through easily.

  26. Tejpal Lathher

    hey where can i buy the epic speed training?

    • Hey Tejpal, It’s right there on the sidebar…just click on the Epic Speed Training product on the sidebar and upgrade your membership if you’d like to check it out. It’s definitely worth it too if you want to improve your speed and agility πŸ™‚

  27. Nasser Junedi

    Hey Matt so I was taking a look over the workout schedule you made and in it sometimes you would have a drill to work on for 5-10 mins. Now what if you haven’t mastered the skill or drill should you continue or stop and work on it till you can somewhat do it??

    • Hey Nasser,

      If you’ve mastered it just do it for a few minutes then. You still want to work on speed and keeping your head up but also you want to make sure that you are warmed up and those drills work great for pumping blood through your system and causing a sweat before you stretch

  28. Bennett Antes

    How can i get the speed training? Also If I wanted to complete the whole Epic Training Workbook by the end of the summer could I do them everyday instead of waiting every other day? Thanks!

    • The workbook is the downloadble link on the home page as soon as you login so you can get that there. If you want the speed training just click on the icon on the right bar and it should prompt you to upgrade your membership to get access to it.

  29. Alejandro Macias

    i just really hope this works, thats all i got to say.

    • Just keep at it Alejandro and you’ll do well trust me…it just takes consistency and determination!

  30. Jack Van Schoick

    i want to become the best soccer player in the wolrd. I live and live for soccer. It wasnt always like that though. I didn’t discover soccer until i was 11, only 2 years ago. I want to prove everyone wrong who said i could never make it and i just wasnt born with the gift. I dont consider myself a bad player i play 75-90 minutes a game and are the captian of my team but i am no where near satisfied. I will never be. I no that this video alone will not make me the next ronaldo but i am determined and dedicated to becoming a world class player and i hope that this is one of the best places to work on the goal.

    • Hey Jack…just want to say you sound exactly like me which is great! Keep up the great work buddy. You seem like you’ve got some serious drive, determination, and great goals to improve. Definitely check out the speed training program too, that was the other aspect of my game that really enabled me to reach higher levels.

  31. agl

    Looking forward to trying this out with my kids. They are 3 different ages and levels, so it will be interesting to see how it impacts them. My oldest is a respected player on a top team, but has been told by top coaches over the last 1.5 years that she has the athletic tools it takes to succeed in ODP, D1, but she needs to improve her technical skills and stays on the bubble for regional teams because of it.
    Second player doesn’t have the speed of my oldest but very “quick feet” and picks up foot skills fast, but feedback from coaches is that her explosiveness needs to improve for her to go to next level.
    My youngest is still a peanut at 9 years, but plays at U11 this year so hoping this program will help her to keep up with this latest challenge and ensure that it still stays fun this year.

    • haha Love that you call your kid a peanut. That reminds me of my family. It sounds like they’re on the cusp of really doing well but need that extra push. So make sure they stay consistent with the training too and they’ll start seeing some great results to showcase their skills at ODP.

  32. Gerardo Estrada

    My goal is to be a starter in my school varsity soccer team………and also to score at least one goal :/

    • Let’s aim for a few goals Gerardo! Once you get one it’ll give you a confidence to score a bunch more!


    I’m 69 years old and I have never played soccer, but I have 5 young grandchildren whom I would like to see get involved in the sport. Our local High School started playing soccer 2 years ago but I don’t know much about the coach. I think with your program and all the bonus I can get the grandkids off on the right training program. Grandchildren range from 2yrs to 13 yrs with the oldest entering 8th grade this year. I want to give them the chance to be as good as they can be!

    • That is such a great gift! This will definitely help the kids out. The younger they are the more they will want to stay towards the beginning modules to really get their coordination down but the 13 year old should be moving through all of them!

  34. Joao Cardoso

    Hey Matt, do I get a training schedule I have to follow or should I go through module 1 first then on to the next? Thanks

    • That’s on the home page of the members area πŸ™‚ It’s a downloadable link for you

  35. Stasiu Goral

    Hey Matt, i have a huge story.
    I started playing soccer my junior year after quitting football because of the coaches.
    That same year i played the JV team for my school, i later on was moved up to the varsity team because of my strength,speed, and stamina. I didn’t play much, but i wasnt expecting any time because I was a part of the greatest soccer team in my school’s history. We eventually wound up winning the state championship that year.
    My senior year is approaching and we are having the vintage summer practices and workouts. I was expecting to play a lot, and hopefully even start because most of our team graduated from last year. The summer went on and my coach kept telling me the same thing, “your strength,stamina,and even speed are better than every player on this team, the thing you’re lacking is skill.” Well that made me train harder in practice everyday. The season began and seeing who coach will be putting on the field for the first 11. Well i didnt make it. I became really upset, but it only inspired me to train harder and harder to try and obtain the starting position. Throughout the year i started a few games but only due to absence and injury. My team went to State Sectionals for the 4th time in a row, and we ended up losing to the 3rd seed. (We were 2nd)
    That was one of the worst days in my career, because knowing that i wasnt on the field long enough to make a difference in the game.
    Im now entering college and they have a soccer program. I am really interested in joining the team. My girlfriend played for the girls team for the same college so i would think it would be pretty cool and fun knowing that we’ll both play soccer representing the same school. I was talking to the new men’s soccer head coach for my college and he gave me a workout plan, and nutrition guide. He also said that there is more than 60 people trying out for the mens team. That really hit me because of what happened in my high school career. The workout he handed my didn’t consist of any ball touches or any drills. The only thing listed there is only workouts to improve your strength and stamina. The problem there is that i need to improve on my skill. I seen your Youtube videos and i wondered if it really works. I just recently purchased your trial version of the training and i really hope it will improve my game to not only make the team, but to start as well.
    P.S Tryouts are in about 3 weeks, i know its a short notice but i hope your program can prep me in time. I will be starting your workouts tomorrow and i will be writing how each day goes. Please email me if you can help me mentally in any way to get me prepared for this upcoming event.
    Thank you, Matt and i hope you get back to me soon!
    Stash Goral

    • Hey Stash! Believe it or not your story was soooo similar to my own but I’m sure you kind of know that from watching my video. The reason the coach gave you stamina and strength is because most people lack that but you already have that in the bag. So you need to catch up on your technical skills with the ball and improve that first touch.

      However, with that being said don’t lapse on your fitness. Expect to go in there being the most fit person that can sprint all over your teammates and you’ll see how far that goes. That shows a coach that you are determined on your own to be the best. Best of luck and keep up the determination, you can do it!

  36. Paul Purvis

    I am 18 and living in a small town an hour away from Austin, TX. My goal is to work my way up to a professional level by sheer hard work, commitment, and passion. I want to break down all the barriers along the way and open the door for other people like me in future generations. My age, location and lack of experience and financial stability really puts a strain on things (like academies and programs and community teams). I must constantly find the difficult medium between work and training (there’s only one person around here who I can consistently train with and I use that term loosely due to both our busy schedules, mostly involving work). I’ve only been at this consistently for a couple of months but have an undying passion. I feel like with consistent coaching, I have limitless possibilities. Let’s hope these videos improve my skills enough for a good shot at my overall goal so I can do what I love for a living and bash down these barriers so no one else should find themselves in my position.

    • Awesome Paul! Definitely keep at it and stay consistent because all the video will build on eachother. You’ll get there though! It seems like you have some great goals and drive!

  37. Kirk C Kohler

    Just started reviewing all the modules to understand what is included and content of each video. My daughter will really benefit from these videos. Last year she played on her High School Varsity Team as a freshman. One thing she needs to work on is the power of her shot. Which module/video will help her?

    • Hey Kirk,

      On the home page here you will find a pdf download of the Epic Soccer Training Workbook. Just go through that as I made it to be step by step. If she’s already doing really well then Module 1 can move pretty quickly and you’ll want to get her practicing some other stuff which come in Module 2 and 3. Best of luck! Stay consistent!

  38. Coach Luis

    Looks like some great stuff after going through some videos. When enrolling it was mentioned that we can put the videos onto our smart devices. How do you do that? Looking forward to your reply πŸ™‚

    • you can log into your phone and view all the videos just like on the computer πŸ™‚ Thanks coach Luis! Enjoy

  39. Scott Lollis

    My two youngest daughters, 10 and 11, are both playing their first year of Club soccer (U11 and U12). They both have improved over the last year but I want to give them the edge that will make stand out and be one of the strongest players on the field! Both girls are very motivated and are having fun too! I want to be able to help them as much as I can without burning them out at a young age. Looking forward to watching the DVD’s and helping my girls! Thank you!

    • anytime Scott! Keep up the great work! You’re on the right track

  40. Glenn Phillips

    I also bought the Epic speed but can not access it. Help!

    • Hey Glenn, go ahead and log back in and try it now! Should be working for you

  41. Bristol G A Harris

    As a head coach of a high school girls soccer team I am looking for that which
    will help me take the players to the next level…this could be it!
    In my four years as head coach the last two we have come up short,
    1 game from state tournament! Now let’s see what ya got!

    • Awesome Bristol! Keep up the great work!

  42. Justin Aguilar

    Hey Matt. Your soccer training has really helped me a lot and gave me goals to become a better soccer player. I made a mistake of not buying the epic speed training and I really want to get it. Is it to late to buy it?

    • It’s never too late buddy just click on the product to the right and get your hands on it πŸ™‚

  43. Robert Hansen

    Hi Matt,

    I just purchased your program and am prepping my self to start training next week. I had a question though, I want to work on my speed training, but I also am wanting to start up on my soccer training, is there a good way to incorporate them both as I go? Or should I focus on one, and then move to the other? Thanks for your help,


    • Hey Robert! Absolutely! I usually do a warm up stretch…add a few of the ball drills then start incorporating the first day of speed training so you’re loose but not overworked…then go back and finish up on the epic soccer training…great question! Both at the same time is ideal!

  44. Samuel A Mead

    Matt, I signed up for the Speed Training Course, but I cannot access it. How can I get access. By the way, the soccer training videos are great. I’ve been implementing some of the skills and drills with my advanced U8 team. They are eating it up.

    • Sam go ahead and try it now buddy πŸ™‚