Dynamic Ball Drills - Top Of The Ball Drill

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Touch repetition is something you probably aren’t experiencing enough while practicing. I’m sure your coach has done this maybe once or twice but I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn and use these exercises over and over. One of the main reasons why I took my playing to the next level is at a very young age I was blessed with some incredible coaches. I look at coaches now and most of the time I think to myself, “What are they teaching these kids?” Well I want to push that thought aside because everything I learned and experienced, so will you.

We want you to get thousands of touches while simultaneously getting in game shape. Well here is a prime example of how we can do that. By doing quick touches and working up your heart rate is how you get in great game shape. I see it all the time at the end of the game, other players will start getting fatigued, or tired, and then their touch on the ball isn’t as good. Drills like this solve that problem and because I did this before and even sometimes after a hard practice, my body trained itself to have great touch even during the last few minutes of the game. And that’s when you can become the hero. When everybody else is tired but your touch is still great and you end up scoring the game winning goal that your team needed!

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  1. Ronaldo Reyes

    How long should we do this at a time?

    • you really only need to do each exercise for about 30 seconds to start then maybe work your way up to a minute…you will definitely see that it takes some endurance which is great…you want to tire yourself out then keep getting touches on the ball so that at the end of the game you have better touch than everybody else.

  2. serge dionne

    When do we know that were ready to move on to the next step?

    • Hey Serge,

      Well first make sure you check out the workbook on the home page of the members area to get more of a guideline of how often to do things. Secondly, if you feel like you are mastering something just move on and keep challenging yourself. 🙂

  3. Linda Jantzen

    Hey I had some questions about over-training. So you should really only do this workout for an hour right right? Don’t do it morning and night for 5 or 6 days out of the week. I’m asking this because right now I’m in college and I won’t to be a professional in 4 or 5 years from now? I’m I on the right track by just doing fitness in the morning and then the rock at night?

    • Correct an hour-hour and a half is fine but you don’t want to do 7 days a week. You definitely want to give your body a rest and have recovery time. Keep up that pace and you’ll do great. Also check out the speed training course as well. Getting faster is another crucial aspect to throw into your training that can really make a HUGE difference! Best of luck!