Epic Soccer Classroom - Controlling the Midfield

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Simply put, controlling the midfield means controlling the game. It’s the heart of your team and the players who ultimately can control the pace of the game. One reason why I love the Dutch and they actually have a style of play named after them called, “The Dutch Style” is because they control the ball so much. They are so advanced they do this even from the defense. Next time you get a chance to see the Netherlands play on T.V. watch even for a few minutes and notice how much they keep the ball and move it around.

But for our sake we’re not all at that level and the field is way smaller. So let’s start with controlling the midfield.┬áIn this video I’ll show you where each player should be and the runs they should make to help advance play. This is where we start teaching you to some more advanced tactics for theory and soccer I.Q. It’s understanding where to be and just how important it is to control the midfield.

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