Epic Soccer Training - The Vault

Welcome to Bonus Module 4 – “The Vault”.  This module was a lot of fun for me to create for you because I was able to take years of coaching, tips, and tricks and put them all in one place.  In this module you find some highly advanced soccer moves and just some fun tricks to impress your friends or opponents.  Remember, any time you are pushing yourself to do a new move or trick you are also improving your touch and ball control. We will focus a lot on your soccer I.Q. as well which is truly what separates a good player from a great player.  If you are mentally sharper than your opponent that can often times be more of an advantage than being physically better.  The key is to become a well-rounded soccer player with great skills as well as great soccer knowledge and I.Q. Epic Soccer Training – The Vault Training Videos
  1. Epic Soccer Move – The Ronaldinho Feint
  2. Epic Soccer Move – The Elastico
  3. Epic Soccer Move – Stack Moves
  4. Epic Soccer Move – The Fake Pass
  5. Epic Soccer Move – The Supercharged Rainbow
  6. Behind the Leg Pass
  7. The Bicycle Kick
  8. The Double Pass
  9. The Heel Pass
  10. The No Look Pass

Epic Soccer Classroom:

  1. Epic Soccer Classroom – Positions
  2. Epic Soccer Classroom – The Rules of the Game
  3. Epic Soccer Classroom – Supporting and Receiving
  4. Epic Soccer Classroom – Winning 50/50 Balls
  5. Epic Soccer Classroom – The Defensive Mindset
  6. Epic Soccer Classroom – Controlling the Midfield
  7. Epic Soccer Classroom – The Offensive Mindset
  8. Epic Soccer Classroom – Team Formations

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  1. scot obrien

    I was wondering if u have any pointers for coaches i have been coaching for five years now and recently got hired as a high school coach in a rural area, but i dont feel i have that it factor to make these kids champions thanks

    • well the first key is to get these kids in shape…its not always the team that is the most skilled it’s also the team that is in the best shape…but you definitely want to get them working together…a team that can play together and anticipate where to be is going to be so much better in the long run. Also watch my classroom sessions and really instill some of those soccer IQ tactics.