Epic Speed Training: Introduction

Hey guys and first off welcome to the Epic Speed Training Course Manual! You made a great decision to take yourself to the next level no matter what sport you’re in.

Ok first off…

If I can tell you anything about this course personally, it’s that it works! And it will work fast!

But before we start I want you to remember this quote:

So you have to stay consistent. There’s enough breaks involved and days to rest that it won’t kill you but it will still push your limits.

This course is not designed to overwork.

But when we train on those days, we train hard and with purpose.

This course builds on each other every week and we do it in a specific order so that your body will be building effectively and maximizing the time you’re training.

So go in order!

Ok a little more how Epic Speed Training led me to my path for success.

As an average soccer player, I also ran track growing up and grew up with a track star dad. When I finally decided I wanted to take my do speed training that was in hindsight the best decision I had made to date.

Team sports in general, for me it was soccer, are games built on mistakes. Teams WILL make mistakes and you have to be able to capitalize on them to win.

With that being said that also means YOUR team will make mistakes as well and being able to recover from those faster than anybody else will have a dramatic increase in the value of your play.

This is what makes speed and agility so valuable.

Your ability to recover will make you invaluable and your coaches will see this.

Now a little about me…

I started off as a pretty average athlete. In my day everyone said speed couldn’t be taught.  You’re either born a quick sprinter or you’re not.  Well I guess I should’ve quit right there but for some reason that didn’t add up.

As a Freshman in high school down in Florida I rode the bench, I was smaller than average (5’2 at that time) and I couldn’t’ keep up with the big kids on my Varsity team.

This was so frustrating that I decided if I wasn’t going to be tall I was going to out maneuver everyone and be so much faster than them I would make their head spin.

I luckily had a teammate who’s brother was a certified personal trainer at a gym and had previously done training for a lot of football teams in the area.

After the season was over, my buddy Josh and I decided we were going to teach his brother soccer, since he loved that sport but was not that god, and in turn he would teach us speed training.

Best decision of my life…and here’s why…

I went from being on the bench my freshman year, to being the only sophomore starter on our team that went on to win the Florida state championship.

Both myself and Josh got voted 1st-team All-State and I went on to get that award the following 2 years as well, added another State Championship and an All-American award to boot.

I can wholeheartedly say when looking back on my soccer career that speed training had virtually everything to do with it.

If you don’t have the best skill at your sport, you can overcome a lot with speed…trust me. And I lived my life by this quote, which I think can help you too:

Charles Schulz was my quote to remember why I had the need for speed and why you should too. We all have the ability but most people don’t know how to summon it.

So after becoming an All-American in college and a sophomore captain, I began teaching these skills to everyone who asked and do you know what?

EVERYONE had dramatic results.

Now before we go any further I will say you have to get into the right mindset because this will take some work. But I’m here to help you get through it.

My dad was a great role model and champion track star so a lot of running form he instilled in me as well which you will see in these videos.

Now I want you to picture where you want to be in 30 days, 60 days, or even a year from now.

Then I want you to picture that and keep it as a vivid image in your brain.

Because guess what? You’re going to get there!

Now like I said it will be difficult but anything in life that is great is worth it right.

So everytime you have that little stupid thought bubble up in your head like…I want to skip a drill, or I’ll cut this corner, or I’ll wait and do this tomorrow…I want you to picture that image of you being successful and think of what they would say to you if you told them that.

They would tell you do go harder and don’t give up. It’s going to pay off! Trust me!

Let’s put it this way…after 3 off seasons of soccer I went from running a 5.33 40-yard dash (which is pretty slow) to eventually running a 4.33.

I shaved a solid second off of my time and to put that in terms of sports: I could’ve walked onto an NFL Football field and kept up with every athlete out there.

So without further ado, now you have a little back-story of why speed training can do you wonders and hopefully you have that image of success in your head as well.

So let’s get started taking you through the program!

To your success,

Matt Smith

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  1. John H Ebiharaj

    I using an IPad, and I haven’t found any videos in your Epic Speed Training module. Am I doing something wrong?


    • John, should be working but i’m going to send this to our support team and have them take a look at it