Week 1 Training

If for some reason you were like me and decided to skip ahead I really do urge you to go back and watch the videos because they have some techniques that you should definitely know to get the most out of this program.

With that being said we want to ease you into speed training because doing too much too soon you know will cause a lot of lactic acid build up in your muscles and we don’t want too much.

However, the important thing to note is that even though you will most likely be a bit sore, doing a workout the following day will drastically speed up your blood flow and get rid of that sore feeling days quicker.

Week 1 is really going to give you a basic outline and get you ready for when we do more explosive stuff.

Week 1 Training Modules:

Day 1 Training

Day 2 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

Day 3 Training

Day 4 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

Day 5 Training

Day 6 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

Day 7 – Complete Rest

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