Epic Speed Training – Week 3

Our 3rd week of training will start to work more of our resistance training, which is crucial. If speed training were the Lord of the Rings trilogy series, then this would be the pivotal second part to the story that links the beginning to the epic ending.

What does resistance training do exactly?

Well this will help drastically over work your leg muscles and will also simultaneously help your sprinting form as it will force you to keep your body leaning more forward.

It will create more power in your legs and really build up muscle.

WEIGHT LIFTING TIP: If you go to the gym doing squat thrusts would have a similar effect on your body.

In fact, if you have a gym membership you should be doing squats once a week but make sure you have proper form or a spotter to help you.

While there is no need to max out you want to be able to do sets that contain 8-12 reps. Once you can hit around 10 reps then up the weight by 10 pounds or so.

Week 3 Training Modules:

Day 1 Training

Day 2 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

Day 3 Training

Day 4 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

Day 5 Training

Day 6 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

Day 7 – Complete Rest

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