Week 4 – Day 1 – Hyper Running

Day 1

Warm up


Side Shuffles
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Fast Karaoke
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Pick Any 3 Cone Drills You Want
Do Them 2 Times each – 45 second rest in between
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Water Break 2-Minute Rest

Tire Pulls: 20 yards apart
Do these 2 times with a 45 second rest in between each one.

Tire Pulls With Release: 2 times with 30 second rests.
Begin by putting a marker 15 yards ahead of you. When you hit that marker reach down and release the tire by unhooking your belt.

At this point you want to run another 20 to 30 yards forward.

Start                         Release                                       Hyper-Running
15 yards                                20-30 yards

Note: This will feel incredible because your body will feel so light and you will start going incredibly quick.

In fact, when you are doing this type of hyper-running you want to be careful as your body will desperately be trying to keep up to your legs.


Jump Bounding

Water Break for 1 minute

Slow Warm-Down


Day 2: Week 4 – Rest/Low Key Exercising

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