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Soccer Drills – Dynamic Soccer Drills To Improve Your Skills

Soccer drills are dead. I have said it once and I will say it again. But let me explain exactly what I mean by this statement. Soccer is a rapidly growing sport and is becoming increasingly competitive. If you do not know how to stay ahead of the curve you might get lost in the shuffle and left behind. If you have ever played soccer or ever coached like I have, you have probably noticed that when you think of soccer drills you think of lines. Players standing around waiting to get their turn at a 15 second drill. Well, if you want to get better as a player or you want to improve your team as a whole you need to step it up. If you have kids waiting around in a line you are just wasting time that your players could be using to improve. So how do we fix this problem? We need to make every drill and every game more effective by increasing both intensity and design. Do not get me wrong. You will always have practices with players in lines and you can not avoid that. But by making soccer drills more team oriented you can start drastically improving play. Rather than doing 1 on 1, change it up to 3 on 3 or 6 versus 6 so more players are getting involved. If you must have a line make sure the players that are waiting are getting dymanic ball touches so they are still improving. If you are working on teaching your offense to attack then put the defense in there and help them learn how to properly learn team defensive strategies. If you need to work on set plays make sure you have your defense play like they would in a game situation. You see where I’m going with this? It really is about multitasking in your practices and utilizing the amount of players that get involved. Let me give you a great example of a drill to use that will teach your players multiple concepts and I will explain those concepts as well. As an important side note this was taught to me by the 2002 high school coach of the year. And he was voted coach of the year for all sports and size schools. So trust me it works and it will get more players involved. Most high school teams have around 15-20 players on the roster. Take both goals and place them about 40-50 yards apart creating a smaller field. Break up your teams in offense, midfielders, and defenders. It’s important to remember to keep players together that play next to each other because this creates team chemistry. They will then start understanding how each other plays and then start seeing moves ahead of time. Now that you have 3 teams and again this can be groups of 5 or 7, but just begin understanding the concept. Put two teams on the pitch and leave one off on the sideline. The first team that scores stays on and the losing team switches with the team on the sideline. This creates game-like intensity and teaches them to play at full speed. As soon as the offense scores they get the ball and start immediately heading the opposite direction and attack on the other goal. This is transition soccer. It forces the team who just scored to attack fast as the other teams are switching places. Additionally, it teaches the team that has been on the sideline to communicate, to think fast, to think smart, and to start working on defending the counter attack. This can go on for 20 minutes and be far more effective than just a full field scrimmage. It’s high intensity, which means players are getting into the game. There are mini wins and loses which means some teams are getting rewarded for hard play and some are in essence learning to play better if they let goals by. You are teaching transitional play which is the one thing lacking in most teams as well as team chemistry. Out of all the soccer drills I played, I think this one was by far the most successful and your team will love it and carry it over into their games.

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