Soccer Sniper or Fake Soccer Injuries?

Excuse the fact that there is no volume on this but I absolutely love this video that just came out. I always hated it when soccer players were confused as to whether or not they were going to win an Espy or an Oscar. Either way I think they’re going home empty handed.

So without further ado watch this video and enjoy Mark Wahlberg snipping some of the world’s best soccer players.

I know this is something that drives people nuts who don’t watch soccer but it’s also something that drives me nuts. There’s a time to go down when you get hit in soccer for sure but when there is almost no contact at all. Well c’mon. Have a little pride. Don’t get into this habit.

Personally however I thought this video was absolutely hysterical when I saw it and whoever made it was a little genius. What did you think? Leave some comment love and show me you’re alive!

-Matt Smith


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